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The Airbrush Makeup Finish

Showcase your makeup artistry with a beautiful smooth and airbrush-like finish.

Vivid Colors & Smooth Finish

Liven up your art style with vivid colors and an incredibly smooth airbrush technique.

Airbrush Kit Product Review

Airbrush Kit

What is 'Airbrush Art'?

Airbrush Kit / Airbrush Art

Airbrushing, also known as airbrush art is a painting technique which uses an airbrush give an even and consistent surface. People usually use airbrushes or airbrush kits to create a high level of realism that can be used on multiple surfaces like faces, cars, paper, shirts, and more!

The Airbrush Design

An airbrush works by passing a stream of fast moving (compressed) air through a venturi (vacuum ejector) which reduces the local air pressure (suction) and allows paint to be pulled from an connected meeting point at a normal pressure. The air moves at a high velocity which dissects the paint into tiny droplets as it blows through a very fine paint tip.

Some airbrushes use pressures as low as 20 psi (1.38 bar) while others use pressures between 30-35 psi (2-2.4 bar). Larger airbrush 'spray guns' used for automobile spray painting need around 100 psi (6.8 bar) or more to really dissect a thicker paint using less solvent. These larger airbrush spray guns are capable of delivering a heavier coating faster over a wide surface area.

The Airbrush Kit

There are many different types of Airbrush Kits, you just have to figure out which one is the right one for you.

Our most popular airbrush kit comes with a large airbrush compressor, multiple airbrushes, a hose to connect the airbrush to the compressor, 5 different and most popular airbrush paint colors along with a paint thinner/cleaner, cleaning tools to clean out your airbrush, and a guide to help you properly use your airbrush kit.

Our second most popular airbrush kit is the mini portable airbrush kit. It comes with an airbrush, a portable and rechargeable airbrush compressor that can detach from your airbrush, cleaning utensils for your airbrush, different sized airbrush paint tips, and a power bank and cable connector.

We also have a medium sized airbrush kit that comes with an airbrush, a small airbrush compressor, a hose that connects your airbrush and the medium sized airbrush compressor, cleaning utensils for your airbrush, different sized airbrush paint tips, and a power cable connector.

Choosing Airbrush Paint

Paint is paint right? WRONG!

Choosing the right airbrush paint is pretty important considering each one has a specific purpose. Test small areas of your specific purpose before you go all out!

There are multiple different kinds of paint, like water colors, gouache, acrylics, oil paints, and sign paints. You just have to figure out which is the right paint for you.

Airbrush Art Safety

Whichever airbrush technique you use, whether it is with small artist airbrushes using acrylic paint or large airbrushing spray painting (like used for automobiles), artists must be careful not to breathe in the dissected paint, which floats in the air for minutes and can go deep into the lungs. 

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